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70 sq foot Isolation Booth

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The Studio

EVR is a truly quality recording studio in terms of look, atmosphere, and equipment. It is small by some standards, but we think of it as intimate.

A single room arrangement like ours has advantages.

The first is versatility. Equipment can be moved, and easily reconfigured.

The second is that we work directly with the performers and artists in a relaxed setting.

Third we have had bands as large 1
6 performers in the studio with room left over.   

Finally there is simplicity. We love to record the easiest and least expensive way possible to keep costs low for our customers.                        
The majority of our clients are working performers that prefer to record the way they perform.

The East Valley Rocks Studios live performance way of getting recording done, is how most of our clients
play all the time. Larger studios with two-way glass and control room configurations can cause difficulty with                                                
communications and intimate clients, especially those that are new to recording or just starting out as artists and performers.
Communication and encouragement are simply much easer face to face. Young artists can  
struggle with the differentness of having to check on progress through a window rather than focus on their music.

Our main recording studio is over 500 square feet, with an additional; 200 square feet that can be utilized.

We use the phrase "live fire recording", which means we recording it exactly like you perform it.

Don't be taken in by too many bells and whistles that can make your project sound like something other than                                                       
your band and your sound in the end.
What we do

East Valley Rocks Recording believes in providing local talent and performers the opportunity to make high quality recordings on a modest budget.
The Ted B Jazz Band demo
Sink or Swim Audition Demo
Tripping Over Wires Demo Track
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