Pricing for Bands

We offer quality recording and engineering at a low rate. Ultimately, what you want is a recording to be proud of.

We offer up extremely affordable recordings!

Basic Stereo rehearsal type recording.  $30/hr + $10 set up fee.  2 condensers,  product  is MP3 or WAV on flash drive.

Multi track Pre Production type recoding.  $40/hr  + $20 set up fee. 16 channels, drum mics, over heads, mic or direct line ins for guitar and bass,
and vocal mics, wave files packaged on your flash drive.

Studio session hourly bargain rate - $50/hour. +$20 set up fee. 16 channels, drum mics, over heads, mic or direct line in for guitar and bass
vocal mics, includes 1 hour of general post production and mixing.  It's our least expensive package that gets you a great production sound quickly.

EP Bargain package. $50/hr +$20 se up fee. 16 channels, drum mics, overheads, mic or direct in for guitar and bass, vocal mics.
1 hour general post production and mixing, $15 per song to break down session into songs.

Studio session  hourly intermediate package $50/hour +$20 set up fee. 1 hour of general post production, additional fees for vocal tracking
product mixed into 1 track in MP3 or WAV

Premium package pricing coming soon

Pricing for Solos and Duos. Starts at just $20/hr!

These rates cover all activities that occur while you are in the studio. These activities
might include setting up equipment, recording tracks,
arranging songs, establishing rough mixes, or auditioning tracks to determine the "best takes".

Our clients that come to the studio fully prepared and practiced, can record easily more than 1 song in a single hour.

Bands are welcome to bring their own drums, guitars and basses and  we provide bass and guitar cabs, drum mics, all other mics, etc.

Things to consider that could increase time spent in the studio.

Style of music
Number of songs
Number of musicians
Previous studio experience
Skill level on the instruments (how many takes needed to get a good one)
Familiarity with the songs (pre-production)
Quality of final product (demo or radio ready)
How much harmony or additional vocal tracks.
Number of different instruments and what kinds
Live drummer or drum programming (or both)
Whether production help desired on the song arrangements
Time pressure or deadline

So think about a few guidelines

Get familiar with the layout. Talk to the engineer and get comfortable with the space.

Know your material. Practice and be prepared. Get your songs totally down. As much as we try the recording experience can be
different then live performing.

Know your lyrics. And have a couple of copies for the engineer. And one if you forget some words!

Pitch and timing.  Practice with both. Speak up if you start to have an issue.

Be well rested. Things will go smoother if all performers are rested and awake in the studio.

Practice with a click track if you want to use one. It can be harder than you think!

Make sure your gear is ready. New heads, strings, extra sticks, and anything else you might need you should bring.

Make the most out of your engineer. Don't hesitate to provide a rough track, or notes to your engineer so he knows what you are looking for.
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