This is a great opportunity for musicians overseas and in other areas of the USA to get a one on one lesson.
How does it work?

Download the Skype software, available free at

Use your high-speed Internet connection (fiber optic, cable or DSL; dial-up is too slow).

Add a web cam with a microphone to your computer (Some computers have a built-in camera and mic).

Your setup should include your instrument set up as well as a tuner for guitar or any other extras you might need.
For piano place the camera to the right side of your set up.
For guitar straight in front of you and your instrument.
And for drums the left side view of your kit usually works well.
Whatever the instrument I need to see you with your instrument and have a clear view of your hands.

Lessons are conducted in English.

Payments can be called in direct to the studio or handled by PayPal.
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Lessons on Skype
All on Skype!
480 463 3235
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480 463 3235

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